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Personalised Nutrition

Let’s Get Back In Balance

Most people today are out of balance

Our modern diet is low in key nutrients, and even when we think we are eating well, our soils and seasons are not like they used to be so we are getting less vitamins and minerals than ever before.

When it comes to nutrition, there is no one size fit’s all, more and more it needs to be personalised to your own bodies needs.
But how do you know what your body needs if you are guessing and not testing?

This is where home testing and professional analysing comes into play!

Blood test


Start your health journey 

The BalanceTest is the foundation of our Balance concept.
It provides you with accurate readings of 11 fatty acid levels in your blood and your essential Omega-6:3 ratio with six different health markers.
The analysis is independently managed, and the results are completely anonymous, telling you upfront if the body’s Omega nutrients are in balance.

The test includes personalised recommendations and guidelines on how to restore the essential Omega-6:3 balance in your body and move forward on your health journey.

So why are Omegas so Important?

We need Omega-3 and Omega-6 in our diet but a specific ratio of the two is the most crucial aspect – and 95% of people are at risk of an imbalance.
Those who don’t take an Omega-3 supplement can be out of balance with a ratio of up to 25:1.

The results show that we’re not consuming enough Omega-3’s in our diet. Science recommends a 3:1 balance between essential fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3.

Key benefits of Polyphenol Omega-3 BalanceOil+

  • Contributes to normal brain function since the daily dosage contains 700 mg DHA
  • Contributes to normal heart function since the daily dosage contains 1300 mg EPA and 700 mg DHA
  • Contributes to a normal immune system since the daily dosage contains 20 μg Vitamin D3
  • Helps maintain good levels of EPA and DHA in your body
  • Helps maintain optimal Omega-6:3 levels in your body
  • Helps maintain polyphenol levels in your body to protect blood lipids from oxidative stress
  • Supports healthy and normal eye function since it contains 700 mg DHA
  • Contributes to normal bones, muscle function, normal teeth and cell division since the daily dosage contains 20 μg Vitamin D3
  • Supports normal blood triglyceride levels, normal blood pressure and normal blood calcium levels.

Unlock A Balanced Life

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