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Meet Claire

Claire O'Meara

About Claire

I initially became interested in food as medicine and natural healing after finding myself extremely sick and getting no answers from doctors back in 2012.

Following a successful career in the sports industry, I thought I had burnout and needed some time out to rest and recover. No amount of rest was helping and the only solution from my GP at the time was antidepressants.

I googled natural healing and the first thing that came up was IIN – Institute of Integrative Nutrition. The curriculum sounded amazing but did I really want to train to be a health Coach? I had no idea even what one was..

But, all these amazing testimonials about health and what people had achieved with clients, I wanted to get better and get back to work..

Oh my goodness, my mind was blown open, by the course, but more importantly by the other students I was meeting from around the globe, all passionate about nutrition, detoxing, healing, coaching and so much more.

Eager to learn more about food as medicine and how it could help me to heal, I was my very own project and my passion was growing more and more for this wonderful new found career I could potentially have.

Passing IIN was just the start, later to study Nutritional Healing then become a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist. This was the work I was meant to do and I absolutely loved coaching clients and went self employed seeing clients on a part time basis.

My own Health dipped again, this time to land me in the hospital and a confirmed diagnosis of a rare genetic disease that I had managed to keep a hold of through all my work I was doing trying to heal myself.
You can read the full health story here.
I was stoped in my own tracks, I was passed around hospital after hospital and told there is no cure.

This news left me frustrated but also even more determined and Hungry  for delving far deeper into the body in particular Metabolic Health & Lifestyle Medicine.. My studies began again but so did the fire to help others and the strong will of defeating the odds of Living past 50..



If you’re ready to find real solutions to your health issues, no more restrictive / yo yo dieting, drop the excess fat and weight issues, ditch the fatigue and low self-confidence, then check out all the ways you can work with me on a 1-1 basis or group program.

Your personalised nutrition and health journey is just a click away


1to1 Consultation with DNA Testing

My one to one consultations are perfect to deep dive in to what is going on with your health.
The perfect starting point is with a DNA test, this way we can find out exactly how your body responds to and metabolises certain nutrients.
It will tell you if you’re predisposed to certain conditions or food intolerances/allergies and will help identify your personal nutrient requirements.


4 Week Hormone Reset

4 week online programme designed to support women as they transition through the peri-menopause and the menopause.
The menopause is a perfectly natural transition in a women’s life. It can be however a rocky road if we don’t hit the transition early in our Peri-menopause phase.

WELL Connected Membership

Join a tribe of like minded, supportive women all with a common goal of LIVING WELL.
I share with you a  wealth of information every month on health topics ranging from Metabolic Balance, Gut Health & Hormone Balancing to live cooking demos, recipes, products and supplements I love, books to read, and events to attend.

Launching March 2023

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