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sugar lips

Inflammation Nation

Inflammation We all have inflammation in our bodies, your immune system creates inflammation to protect the body from infection, injury, or disease. There are many things you wouldn’t be able to heal from without inflammation. But there are times when we can have too much inflammation in the...

Quiet the Mind

Quiet the Mind, and the soul will speak

“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.” – Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati Easier said than done, the mind chatter, the non stop noise but with a little practice a still mind allows us to notice and listen to our intuition. Our soul literally speaks to us...

Podcast Cover


Join The Conversation Subscribe Now to WELL Connected Conversations with me your host Claire O'Meara A podcast where we connect through engaging conversations with an array of inspiring, motivating & moving guests. Tune in to listen to the podcast, but most importantly tune into Your Body...


What I Want My Friends To Know

Please to god, don’t ever feel sorry for me…. never ever pity me. It’s shit but it’s life and i’m gonna do all I can to live it fully and just get on with what I can.....


What Is Fabry Disease?

Fabry disease is a rare genetic inherited disorder. A chemical in the body which would normally be broken down builds up and causes damage, mainly to the heart, kidneys and brain. Thi...


FatLoss, Fasting & Fabry

I don’t weigh myself ordinarily, I only know how much I weigh from my hospital visits and boy my emotional eating and a Covid lockdown had me piling on the kilos in a year plus new meds and the disease potentially too.....


Hitting Rock Bottom to Rise Stronger

Well the Rising Stronger part, I mean don’t get me wrong to rise stronger would be bloody amazing and I know in my heart I can but the thought with nothing left in the tank sounds like a no go....

heart rate

Heart Attacks & Barnsley Barbara

Tuesday strolls with the pooch, the normal route the one that misses the hills and the heart pains but allows for Syd to be off his lead running around. The reward at the half way mark is an amazing Flat White for me and Doggy...


All The F’s in The World

To start with it was F for Fabry, Then F for Functional medicine. If there was one thing I was going to do was to get my head in the game and team up with a practitioner to delve deep and to try to treat...


When Your Big Girl Pants Fall Down

Yep not going to lie I had a little meltdown and for the first time I felt scared.For some reason it now all felt real, I can’t explain why I felt like that as it’s been living hell for 8 years, so it has been...

Rare Disease

What The Hell is That?

Fabry Disease So What The Hell Is That? Exactly!!! First off thanks for reading my blog, I’ve had some really lovely comments you guys are too kind! I also had a lot of comments saying what is it you have, oh I’ve never heard of that, is it still chronic...

Salford Hospital

If I’m Going To Die, I’m Going To Live!

The letter arrived with the diagnosis and my appointment to head to Salford in January 2021 to meet with the specialist team… It felt like a long wait between receiving the letter in the December to getting through the non so festive month. I should know better,...

Claire O'Meara

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good Stuff Life, Living, the everyday things that you just take for granted when you are feeling weLife was always pretty damn good. A great family, good friends, a career I loved, a social life I lived for and could everyday be a Friday Night...

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