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What I Want My Friends To Know


What I Want My Friends To Know

I won’t ever be offended by what you say, so if there is something on your mind or you want to ask a question and unsure how to ask, just ask me, I actually don’t mind talking about myself 

I’m still the same me in humour, in love, in friendship just my body is not the same anymore.. I can no longer dance like nobody is watching and fling myself around poles or jump on table tops and belt out a bit of Diana Ross, I would bloody love to but unfortunately as much as the head gets excited the body says no, or I fear a great big whopping heart attack and trust non of you with the Kiss of Life!!

Keep Being YOU my Beautiful Friends

I don’t ever want you to change!! keep being my crazy ass friends, keep getting totally pole axed talking nonsense and behaving badly because that makes me happy. Yes, I miss that part of my life and at times I grieve for the old me, but I love you for you and thats why you’re my friends. Il still bust out every once in a while! I love your crazy ass tales they keep me going!

Good Times

Don’t Ever Pity Me

Please to god, don’t ever feel sorry for me…. never ever pity me. It’s shit but it’s life and i’m gonna do all I can to live it fully and just get on with what I can.. At times yes I may need support, be it a lift to a hospital appointment or a bit of company to cheer me up or if things get worse who knows you could be wiping my ass.. But don’t ever feel sorry for me!!! Just take the piss as normal.

Know at times I may just disappear for a little while if I don’t respond straight away I could be just snoozing or taking a day out to rest, i’m not ignoring you, sometimes tech hurts my brain and I need time off it.

Speaking of my brain, if I look at you vacant or in a haze things are slowing down in this genius head of mine and it takes longer to process things, you may tell me something and I forget, this keeps happening more and more..

I feel Bad to You When I Can’t make It, it’s Disappointing For All

It may at times feel like i’m bombing out on you, but I get so fatigued and in so much pain that I often have to cancel plans at the last minute. I get you may feel pissed off, especially if all dressed up ready to go, I promise you, I will always do my utter best to be there, this is as disappointing for me as it is for you..  It’s not personal and it’s not intentional!

I Appreciate You, I love You & I Am Here For You Too

Coffee dates mean the world to me or going out in an afternoon when I have some energy.. I just can’t do evenings / late nights they wipe me for a week – Thank You for understanding !! I am also an ear for you too, so don’t ever forget that, I care about you, like you care about me!

Let’s talk about some other shizzle too….. Or get back being facebook detectives I am sure we could make a living from it!!

At least I won’t get told off now, I have a valid reason!!!

Much needed now

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