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Fatloss Fabry & Fasting Part 2

body composition

Fatloss Fabry & Fasting Part 2

In the red corner weighing in at a hefty 88kg  2 kg more than when I posted about starting Fasting and Low Carbing

The scales only tell part of a story but I wasn’t expecting any miracle because everything I am doing is trial and error and I wasn’t even sure if this style of eating would be right for me.. Am I  burning fat as fuel ? am I actually burning anything at all?

Fabry Disease

My disease is missing the enzyme that breaks down fats so they can be removed from our cells..
Am I building up an accumulation of fat that is making me fat? Is my body not processing foods that contain fat? why is there no real scientific evidence around food / nutrition for those with Fabry?

Chronic Inflammation

Because my body is going through so much and in a constant fight flight mode, it has an excess of inflammation in the body. We know that an extremely inflamed body likes to hold onto fat to protect itself, the same way that it is one of the most common underlying causes of things like heart disease, cancers, hypertension and diabetes.
But here is the catch 22, Inflammation causes the body to hold onto fat, fat causes inflammation!!
So due to the pro inflammatory adipokines such as leptin, it is crucial to achieve and maintain a healthy weight- but how the hell do i do that when my body is holding on to this fat?

Ways I’m Reducing Inflammation

I need to reduce the inflammation in the body through managing stress, wow easier said than done in this day and age, Eat more plant based – this is certainly an area I am looking at with my kidney health (I will talk about this in another post more in-depth) up the antioxidants in food form, bone broth with added turmeric + black pepper. I have also just added in a new supplement to help fight oxidative stress NRF2 promoting cellular health and also Inflammatone from Designs for Health.


After following a more Mediterranean diet one thing that I needed to be very aware of was my protein intake ensuring I wasn’t overloading my kidneys with added pressure. I have recently been given the diagnosis of CKD and a few red flags that are going on with my kidney health. I am very aware of protecting my kidneys with this crazy disease but now even more so.

Glucose Monitoring

Feeling like I was bashing my head against a brick wall, what was happening with my metabolism, was I insulin resistant, was my age a factor for hormones going awol blah blah I was exploring so many different things, I reached out to my Functional Medicine Practitioner to talk things through, go through all my recent blood results and try to put a plan of attack together in order to blast this belly fat to feel healthier in myself, in my clothes and bloody hell yes some of it is for vanity measures alongside health reasons I feel uncomfortable. 

One thing we discussed was glucose monitoring to see exactly what my body was reacting to, I know I need low carb I have a borderline coeliac diagnosis and from DNA testing my body best suits a low carb diet.. But what fats are best for my body what levels, what plant foods are the best and what animal proteins.

Wearable Tech

I have looked at a couple of options Dexcom, Libre, Lumen, Oura, supersapiens etc.. I would really like to know what fuels my body the very best. this way we are personalising nutrition to my body.  A glucose monitor that links up with your phone means that you can always monitor this will be prevalent in managing my kidney health and also my heart health.
I can set my own personalised goals and track things going on. I have mentioned before I am all about the metrics!

Fat Scans

I am lucky to have access to a body metrix ultrasound scanner and software. This is a great way to look at hydration levels visceral fat & lean mass. So open vulnerable and being brave here are my scans below:

I am typically carrying all my weight around my middle which is vastly unhealthy for all my organs when they are already under huge amounts of pressure. One thing that is clear from the below is that my hydration levels need to drastically improve so thats a small step to start straight away with.  I ideally need to be sitting around 25% body fat anything between 13-31 is good for a female. 13 obviously is incredibly lean top athlete range..

FatLoss Scans
Fatloss Fabry & Fasting Part 2

Action Plan Round 2

So this time around I am looking to lower my protein intake,  monitor the fat intake and go more medium chain style fats and still try to lower the carb levels keeping to mediterranean style eating but monitoring with the glucose monitor what foods are suiting me.

Hydration lot’s of h20

My new supplements regime

30 minutes per day of exercise and walking daily too

I will check back in in 2 weeks time to see how I am going with it all including my food dairy and foods that suited me and foods that didn’t.

This is very much about personalised nutrition and even more so when you have ill health.

Fatloss Fabry & Fasting Part 1

Claire xxx

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