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Hitting Rock Bottom to Rise Stronger


Hitting Rock Bottom to Rise Stronger

Right now, Hitting Rock bottom to Rise Stronger does not sound appealing..

Well the Rising Stronger part, I mean don’t get me wrong to rise stronger would be bloody amazing and I know in my heart I can but the thought with nothing left in the tank sounds like a no go.

After a year of fighting the system of permanently been in go go go mode my mind and my body has now said no.
I’m in a flare up of constant pain and fatigue and my head, well, lets say it’s the first time I have felt like I have hit rock bottom and basically everything is crashing down on me.

Sometimes we have to accept that we actually need some outside help and that maybe we need to seek therapy to talk everything through to make sense of life and all that it throws at you.

Be Strong Enough to Stand Alone, Smart Enough to Know When You Need Help, And Brave Enough to Ask For it!

I feel broken, but I hear this voice inside of me keep saying don’t ever give up, keep on fighting, but sometimes you have to release the lid on the pressure cooker and let out the steam in order to find that strength and wings to learn to fly again.

Bottoming out can be a catalyst for transformation.. Think the Caterpillar to the Butterfly

One minute your young fun and living the dream, the next your on your ass and fighting to live, life really gives no shits. That’s when the dark times come to test our resilience. Falling Flat on Your Face can sometimes be the break and the time to breathe that you need.

Refresh Reboot Restart

I think I wrote a program called that a few years ago, but basically I am seeing this as a time to asses to take time to understand what is going on, what is within my control, letting go of what I can’t control. How I can live my life to the best advantage all whilst living with this rare disease!

I know that finding the right type of therapy is essential for me to breakthrough the breakdown. I’m laughing as I type this as I know myself well and that I can honestly say I am a pain in the ass, I have to connect, I have to vibe with the person, I need to like the surrounds and feel comfortable I know I know… But in order for me to breakdown to breakthrough this all matters.. Maybe thats half of my issue too perfectionism oh god we are opening a whole can of worms on life..

What  I think I want Versus What I actually Need

Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Life Coach, Mind Coach, who the hell knows.. I googled therapists I got a long list, like a really long list, I trolled through their pictures first, I mean its like tinder for a therapist who looks a good match, then il read their profile..

I whittled down the list to 4, ok what’s my criteria what do I think I need?


Help i’ve got issues and i’m stuck in life..  I’m dealing with not working, grieving a life I once had and having no purpose, possibly dying in a few years but trying to live right now but finding that really hard because so many things keep happening in my body, family crap that I don’t think I have an issue with but what if I do and I just don’t know about it? Life ? midlife meltdown, who the hell am I? what am I doing? and what am I here for?

I applaud you if you have never felt like this and never questioned what the f@$k is going on in life, jeez I make no wonder my head is a complete shed.  Add to that hospital appointments after appointments and shit you’ve constantly to push and chase for and do their job for them, then I don’t know why but whats for dinner I mean who knew that would be so frigging hard… Life!!!!

Match Making

Sometimes you need a little intervention and recommendations from people that have walked your path so to speak –
I mean sought therapy and found someone really great and can highly recommend.

Reaching out to people that I know in the field, or that have been through tough life situations gave me a name to reach out to and the same name popped up half a dozen times..

Yeah it really wasn’t what I thought I needed but hey in for a penny in for a pound. I wrote the email and then hesitated on pressing send. Ok, do it Claire, just send the bloody email.. Yeah maybe i’m ok, maybe i’m just having a rough day….

Honestly this is my life, should I shouldn’t I, what if it’s the wrong choice, oh but what if it’s the right f’ing choice just send the bloody email… SEND!

Sit & Wait

Another thing to add to the list whilst we are at it patience, I have zero, I’m crap I need to know and know now.. Like a kid at Christmas that sneak peeks into their pressies on Christmas eve..

Appointment Confirmed

When looking for a therapist It was a minefield, but always ensure they are qualified and cover the area you are wanting help in.



Mind Therapy /Hypnotherapy NLP / Life Coach

A recommendation can be the best thing, although we may not want people to know we are seeking help, you will be amazed how many people actually do and can give you highly recommended businesses.
There is no shame in reaching out please know that!!

Claire xx

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